I work within the fields of Sculpture, installation, video and photography.

My practice is based upon the translation of experience (primarily the negative; trauma, conflict, corruption, loss) into form. The interrupted natural state is something that informs my work conceptually as well as materially, it lies at the intersection of materiality and metaphor. My works are stories, statements and descriptions brought into a physical/visual form to help try and progress a better understanding of the negative.

My work uses metaphor and symbolism greatly, it is a language that we use constantly but are somehow not always aware of. Metaphor brings the mind of the viewer into a place where ideas that could once be seen as nonsensical are made easier to comprehend. It enables me to make one remark be making another, sometimes in a contradictory or paradoxical manner. 

The viewer is a fundamental part of all my works. My work strives to manipulate them and make them complicit in the viewing experience, making them take responsibility for the viewing of the work. How an artwork makes a viewer actually feel, and how that interaction then exists as a memory is a fundamental concern within my practice.

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